iHunt 72

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The iHunt is a puzzle hunt that takes place during the Insomnia gaming festival. It consists of a series of puzzles of varying difficulty. You'll need to think fast, google faster and work as a team to succeed.

Puzzles can be anything - you might just have to say what you see, or play a game, or follow a series of clues around the venue. You can use the selector at the top of a page to see previous hunts, and all the puzzles there have written solutions.


The iHunt consists of three episodes across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The episodes start at midday. On Friday and Saturday there will be multiple puzzles available at the same time; each puzzle solved earns a one minute head start for the "race day" on Sunday.


It's fun!

Also you'll earn raffle tickets for completing puzzles — one ticket for every five puzzles, up to a maximum of six.

Finally the top three teams — those who finish the Sunday puzzles the earliest — will win discounts for the next Insomnia event (4 x 50% discounts for the winning team, 4 x 25% discounts for the second and third place runners up).


Before you can take part in the iHunt, you’ll need to create an account. You'll also want to join the Discord and select the "iHunt" role from the Channels & Roles window. This is how we can keep you informed of any unexpected things on the day, such as common mistakes or issues with puzzles.

There is no team size limit, but the prizes are for 4 people - so that's the team size we'd recommend! The iHunt is designed for teams, but you can still take part in the event on your own.

If you need help finding a team to join, contact the iHunt admins using @iHunt Admin on Discord.

Rules, Help, etc.

Please have a look at the rules page. There aren't many but they are very important! Then check out the help page — it'll help you get started, tell you about the format of the event, and give you tips that will help you on your way to becoming an iHunt master.